Hello from the Shopkeep!

Hola!  Lindsay here!  Owner, creator and lifeblood for this little shop Hattan Home.  As the shop approaches it's 5 year anniversary (November 30th, 2017!!) , I have been reflecting on our success and planning for our future.  I never thought Hattan Home would make it to 5 years or that I would learn how to effectively use quickbooks, have multiple employees, and carry beautiful lines like Tocca and Loren Hope.  I'm so grateful for the experience, the joy, the friendships, the income my business has brought me.

It's filled a huge hole for purpose and meaningfulness in my days following my husband on his journey serving our county in the United States Coast Guard.  I have found new passions born from my journey with Hattan Home, and a deep love for helping develop small businesses.  Over the next year I am looking forward to getting back to our first love, online retail and expanding our storefront in downtown Wilmington, NC ( yes, FINALLY getting a window- as a matter a fact a LOT of windows).  I look forward to brining on interns, in-house  photography, hiring more sales staff, and possibly adding additional locations.